300 is the One

Or, so they say in the commercials. With stuff like, “this film will do for movie making what the Matrix did” and other such big time hype statements, 300 sure better be really good and mesmerizing to watch on the big screen.

What is the deal with the over-hyping of things these days? It happens all the time on TV for both products and the shows themselves. Most movie trailers give away too much of the film. Or, give you the impression that it is something different than it turns out to be.

You would think the people who get paid to create advertisements would have heard of the idea of under promise and over deliver. Give you just enough to get you interested in the movie with out showing you every good joke, dramatic moment or big explosion it has to offer. With all the creative people in Hollywood, you would think this could be possible, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Well, at any rate (or for the $5.00 early matinee ticket price), I will be going to see 300 tomorrow. Then I will post my review tomorrow afternoon and let you know if it is the ultimate gift or an over-hyped mess. Hopefully, it is the former and not the latter. We shall see.

Will you be going to see 300 this weekend?

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