Georgia Rules the Weekend

Well, not really. Spider-Man 3 will once again rule the weekend box office. But, I saw that last week and need to choose something else to go see this Friday.

Last weekend was the first big blockbuster weekend of the summer season. I guess they needed a breather before really getting into the summer blockbuster season. Maybe, they don’t want to overwhelm the moviegoer too fast.

That is what this week is, almost a week off. Not quite as bad as the choices back at the beginning of the year. But, 28 Weeks Later, Delta Farce, The Ex and Georgia Rule are what we have to choose from.

If 28 Days Later had been a sequel to 28 Days, maybe 28 Weeks Later would be the pick this week. You know, the story of a virus that turns people with drug and alcohol addictions into deadly zombies at a rehab clinic. That would be cool.

Other than the title of Delta Farce being a spoof of the title of the Chuck Norris actioner, The Delta Force, this doesn’t look like much more than a couple of standup comics goofing around with a camera in Mexico.

The Ex may actually be funny, but anytime a movie gets a name change and a later release date, I think there might be something wrong with it. Zach Braff (TV’s Scrubs), Amanda Peet (The Whole Nine Yards, TV’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Jason Bateman (TV’s Arrested Development) are all actors I like, but I think this one might have to wait for its number to come up on the old Netflix queue, once it gets released on DVD.

That leaves Georgia Rule. Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls) plays an out of control youth. Wow, I hope she didn’t have to stretch too much as an actress to get into character. It also stars Felicity Huffman (TV’s Desperate Housewives) as her mother who’s had enough and Jane Fonda (Monster-in-Law) as her no nonsense grandmother that her mom takes her to live with in Idaho.

A little comedy drama respite until the summer season picks up steam again next week with Shrek the Third and the third installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean the week after.

Of the four big screen offerings opening wide this week, which one would you go see?

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