Gracie Gets Knocked Up by Mr. Brooks at Theater Near You

by Jason of New Movie Friday on May 30, 2007

in What I'm Watching

The three nationwide releases, Gracie, Knocked Up and Mr. Brooks, plus the limited release film Rise: Blood Hunter are what films are at a theater near me this weekend. Those are the four movies to choose from for my Friday viewing experience.

I think that Mr. Brooks will get the Friday pick. I am a sucker for a movie that promises a twist that you won’t see coming. I hope they are right, as this promise gets made a lot and very seldom pays off.

But, I also want to see Knocked Up. So, I will probably take in that movie over the weekend as well. They really did a good job with The 40 Year-Old Virgin, as they were able to produce a comedy based on crude over the top locker room humor and give it a heart. I want to see if they can pull off that again with Knocked Up.

Gracie looks to be quite an uplifting story as well. I mean, who doesn’t like a sports story where the hero is told they can’t do something and then they show that they can. It has proven to be quite the formula for a good movie when executed correctly. But, this one will probably have to wait until the DVD can be added to the old Netflix queue.

Rise: Blood Hunter will probably be watched some on some boring Sunday night via HBO or Showtime On Demand. Surfing through the On Demand menu one night, I will come across this movie, read the description and then think, yah, I remember that movie from last year. A couple clicks of the remote later and viola, it is playing on my TV.

Will you be heading out to a theater near you this weekend? Of all the movies that come out Friday, June 1st, what looks good to you?

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