He’s Just Not a Push Fanboy

This weekend there are three new movies that I am interested in seeing.

First, tomorrow I am going to see Push. I fear that it is going to be another Jumper, but pretty much anything action oriented is better on the big screen. So, if it looks interesting at all, I’m going to want to see it at a theater. Here’s hoping that there is more than just action and special f/x.

Second, on Saturday I am going to go see Fanboys. It has been delayed for quite sometime and is finally making its way to the big screen. I am pretty much condition to want to see anything Star Wars related, so this is a much see. Plus, it stars Kristen Bell from one of my all time favorite shows, Veronica Mars.

Lastly, on Sunday I think I might go see He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s a total chick flick, but there is something about the mega cast that has me interested.

They all look good to me, so I think it will be a weekend triple feature. I just hope they are at least close to being as good as they look, or better in the case of Push.

Do any of these movies look or sound good to you?

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