House of the Grind to be Visited This Friday

Five movies came out that are at a theater near me, but only two start on Friday. The Hoax and Grindhouse were really the only choices. Going to see Ice Cube get whacked and smacked and fall through things or a stunt dog save the day, is not my idea of big screen entertainment.

For the family audience out there, with older children, Are We Done Yet? might be the best choice. For those with smaller ones, a smart and heartwarming dog story, Firehouse Dog, will always hit the spot.

I guess I could have chosen The Reaping to go see, but it seems like a movie I have already seen many times, just without as good a cast.

So, that leaves The Hoax, which is an interesting story or Grindhouse. Neither strike me as, “wow I want to see that” kind of movies. Well, Grindhouse almost does for the curiosity factor of what directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have done with their halves of this two hour and 45 minute movie.

I mean, a girl with a gun for a leg, a stalker with a death proof car, a guy with a jacket full of machetes, zombies, terror, explosions and that is just what they have shown you in the trailer. What have these two come up with that couldn’t be shown on TV in the ads or has been left out of the trailers.

The curiosity grows as I write this. Hopefully, it will be as good as the hype has portrayed it to be. What do you think of Grindhouse? Will you be catching it this weekend?

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