How Do You Choose Between Hannibal and Norbit?

How do you choose between two movies that you don’t particularly want to see right now? Both Hannibal Rising and Norbit look like movies I will watch at some point, like when they reach HBO.

I will watch Hannibal Rising so I can say I have seen all four of the Hannibal movies, not including Manhunter. It just doesn’t look that good to me and extolling it as the “best thriller this year” in the ads just makes me laugh since it is the second week of February.

Speaking of laughing, that is what Norbit is supposed to make you do. You know how you see the trailers and ads for a movie and laugh and then see the movie only to find out you had seen all the funny parts. What does it say if you didn’t really laugh at the trailer? Have they saved all the really funny stuff for the viewing audience? Somehow, I doubt it.

The theater going experience normally would consist of going to see:

  1. Summer Blockbusters like the upcoming Spider-Man 3.
  2. Action movies like the upcoming Shooter.
  3. Suspense Thrillers like the upcoming Breach.
  4. The occasional comedy or drama.

In that order, most everything else would be caught either via Netflix or premium cable movie channels. Part of the idea behind New Movie Friday was to get out of that rut and see other types of movies on the big screen. Having to see one of the newly released movies each Friday. This hasn’t been that bad except the week that The Hitcher was my only choice. But this week, I just don’t know.

So, the choice is between what looks to be a bloody horror flick masquerading as a suspense thriller or a lowbrow comedy trying to masquerade as a romantic comedy. I guess I could throw darts or flip a coin but I came up with something else.

I went with the time the movie starts at my local AMC Theater. They have an early matinee ticket price for movies that start before noon. This can be too early for me since I work nights but I also like saving money. This leads me to picking Norbit as this week’s movie. Why? Because it has the later start time of the two, which means I will still get some sleep and enjoy the cheaper ticket price.

How would you choose between Hannibal Rising and Norbit, if you had to?

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