I Have Decided to Stomp the Yard on Friday

Well, not really. I won’t be doing any stomping. I will, however, be going to see Stomp the Yard tomorrow. January is a tough time for a moviegoer. Not the best of movies make it to the screen to begin a year.

I was thinking of going to see Alpha Dog, but after reading more about it, it all sounds to depressing. A group of teenagers dealing drugs and kidnapping and murdering and other amoral behavior just left me depressed. I don’t particularly like to leave the movie theater feeling down and dejected.

Primeval was never really in consideration, as I don’t particularly care for horror type movies. Not because they are scary, usually because they are more cheesy than creepy or funny than frightening.

So, that left me with Stomp the Yard. It looks formulaic, but when the guy gets the girl and wins the competition you at least feel good about it on your way out of the theater. The upbeat more positive looking movie gets the nod this week.

For week 2, I will see the first showing of Stomp the Yard at my local movie house. I will then stomp on back with a review, so you will know whether or not you should dance on down to your local cinemaplex for a showing.

Given the choices this week, what new movie would you go see this Friday?

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