Movies Watched in 2012

Movie WatchedDateWhereReview
1It's Kind of a Funny Story1.01MAX OnDemandTweet
2Contraband1.13AMC Woodinville
3Haywire1.21AMC WoodinvilleTweet
4Man on a Ledge1.27AMC WoodinvilleTweet
5Sci-Fi + Fantasy Short Film Festival2.04CineramaTweet
6Safe House2.10AMC Woodinville
7War Horse2.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
8Moneyball2.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
9The Tree of Life2.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
10The Descendents2.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
11Act of Valor2.24AMC Woodinville
12Hugo 3-D2.25AMC WoodinvilleTweet
13The Help2.25AMC Woodinville
14Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close2.25AMC Woodinville
15The Artist2.25AMC Woodinville
16Midnight in Paris2.25AMC Woodinville
17Chronicle2.29AMC WoodinvilleTweet
18John Carter 3-D3.09AMC WoodinvilleTweet
19The Hunger Games3.23AMC Woodinville
20Your Sister's Sister (SIFF)4.27SIFF UptownTweet
21The Avengers5.09AMC Woodinville
22Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope5.14AMC Pacific Place
23Friends With Benefits6.06Starz OnDemand
24Love & Other Drugs6.07MAX OnDemand
25Another Earth6.08MAX OnDemandTweet
26Prometheus6.08AMC WoodinvilleTweet
27Attack the Block6.08Starz OnDemand
28The Amazing Spider-Man7.04AMC Woodinville
29The Dark Knight Rises7.31AMC Woodinville
30Total Recall8.03AMC WoodinvilleTweet
31Beastly8.05HBO OnDemand
32Crazy, Stupid, Love.8.05SHO OnDemand
33The Bourne Legacy8.10AMC WoodinvilleTweet
34The Expendables8.11Netflix Instant
35What's Your Number8.12HBO OnDemand
36Blitz8.12Netflix InstantTweet
37The Expendables 28.17AMC Woodinville
38Premium Rush8.26AMC WoodinvilleTweet
39RED8.27SHO OnDemand
40Skyfall11.09AMC WoodinvilleTweet
41This Means War11.24MAX OnDemand
4221 Jump Street11.24Starz OnDemand
4350/5011.24SHO OnDemand
44Jack Reacher12.24AMC Woodinville