New Movie Friday Goes Wild Hogs

I am looking for a little laughter this week. Check that, I am looking for a lot of laughter this week. My fear is that I will only get a little. Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta, William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence as a group of friends who need to get away, will hopefully fit the bill and give us something to chuckle at.

The trailer makes this movie look really funny. That is what a trailer is supposed to do for a comedy. The problem is that they, more times than not, use all the jokes from the movie in the trailer. In two and a half minutes you get all the laughter inducing moments of the film. The other problem is that after seeing the trailer and the commercials for the movie, these parts cease to be funny with all the repetition. So, if there isn’t something more to laugh at, Wild Hogs will cease to be funny.

Will this be the case here? Will Wild Hogs bring the laughter or the pain? New Movie Friday will find out tomorrow and let you know whether you should go hog wild, I mean, Wild Hog.

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