On The Lookout for Blades of Glory

That is right, Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder will be this Friday’s pick. None of the movies opening this weekend would normally get me to a theater to see them. These types of movies usually don’t get watched until that little red envelope from Netflix arrives or about this time next year when they hit HBO or one of the other premium cable movie channels.

Something had to be picked for the last Friday in March and a comedy, especially one with Will Ferrell, looks like the best option. I will wait for The Lookout and Peaceful Warrior to hit DVD before I see them and Meet the Robinsons has a good shot of never being seen at all.

So, tomorrow I will head out to the theater with my funny bone intact and hope for the best. As I heard someone say today, “I hope it isn’t one of those comedies where after seeing the trailer and then the movie, I leave the theater feeling like I have seen it twice.” That is never a good thing. You can come back Friday and find out what New Movie Friday thinks of Will Ferrell’s latest effort, or if any effort was made at all. Is it funny and worth hitting the theater for? Stay tuned.

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