So, What New Release Will I Catch This Week?

There are five movies for me to choose from this week, none of which I would normally go see. At least there is some choice this week, after having none last week.

For me going to the theater has mostly meant seeing the big action movies on the big screen. Few other movies would motivate me enough to go see them. At times a comedy or drama might get watched at my local movie theater. But, they would have to look really, really good to get me out to see it. However, whether it would be a DVD rental or watching them on HBO, sooner or later I would see most of them.

That is what I am already finding interesting about this project. I have to go see something, whether I normally would or not. So given the choice, which of the offerings looks like the best option? After pondering that question for the night I have come to a conclusion.

  • Blood and Chocolate is a wait for it on HBO type of movie.
  • Catch and Release has Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith, who I both like, and a theme that looks interesting.
  • Epic Movie has that hit or miss quality about it and a, you should wait and rent the DVD to find out, vibe to it.
  • Seraphim Falls looks good but maybe a bit to slow moving. While it is opening in the Seattle area, it isn’t in a theater that is that close to me.
  • Smokin’ Aces, as I stated yesterday, “Looks to be a tale told about an idiot, full of psychos and bullets, signifying nothing.”

With those thoughts in mind, I am off to see Catch and Release. Given the choices, what looks good to you? Come back tomorrow and see if you should catch it, as well, or release your money elsewhere.

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