The Number 23 is Abandoned for Amazing Grace

Once again, we have a week with a lot to choose from. This week has two movies that interested me: The Number 23 and Amazing Grace.

The Number 23 with Jim Carrey in a dark performance of a man spiraling out of control with an obsession for the number 23. Amazing Grace with its portrayal of a great man, William Wilberforce, in history who stood for the abolishment of slavery and worked for it for years until it came to fruition in England.

I was originally going to go see The Number 23 until I saw this week that Amazing Grace would be showing at theater near me. This sweeping historical drama just looks really good. You can check out the Amazing Grace website to view the trailer or see if it is playing at a theater near you, this week.

So, I will be heading out to my local AMC Theater to see Amazing Grace on Friday. Come back tomorrow to see if you should grace the theater and see this amazing movie or whether it should be abandoned for something else?

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