Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-01-08

  • Happy New Year! #
  • Just watched Extract starring Jason Bateman & Mila Kunis. What a waste of a great cast. Very disappointing. #
  • Saw #WheninRome while perusing OnDemand. Figured it wasn't going 2 b good, but it actually fell short of even that. Felt bad 4 Kristen Bell. #
  • Have not heard good things about #TheBountyHunter but am watching it anyway. Figured I might as well go for a #thismoviesucks hat trick. #
  • Well, at least #TheBountyHunter was the best of the 3 movies I watched tonight. #
  • Just bought my ticket for the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival 2011 on January 29th – #
  • RT @Memles: ICYMI, my thoughts on marathon of Black Swan, Tangled, True Grit and Harry Potter 7.0 yesterday: #
  • RT @slashfilmnews: Your Next Remote May Feature a Dedicated Netflix Button #
  • Pretty cool! RT @sound_on_sight: Must Watch-The Fighter's Final Boxing Match Side by Side with the Real Fight. #
  • #SeasonoftheWitch kicks off the season of the bad movie by totally living up to expectations. It sucked just as bad as I thought it would. #

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