What is Next for New Movie Friday?

I have the ability to see into the future. I will be sitting in a theater seat tomorrow watching Next with Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel while eating some Swedish Fish. Unfortunately, that is as far as I can see. If only I could see far enough into the future to know whether when the movie is over, if I will have been entertained or wish I would have been sitting in the next theater over.

There were six movies for New Movie Friday to choose from this week. The Condemned has been condemned to the wait until it hits HBO, as it looks really bad. Kickin’ It Old Skool been kicked aside. The Invisible will not be seen until it gets added to the old Netflix queue once it is released on DVD. Movies like Wind Chill leave me cold, as it looks like just another useless horror flick like The Hitcher remake earlier this year. Now Diggers, actually sounds interesting and I like Paul Rudd, but the only place it is playing is downtown and I am not convinced it would be worth all the hassle to see it at a theater. So, it will end up being seen when that little red envelope shows up once it gets released on DVD.

That left Next as the best choice for Friday. What movies coming out this Friday look good to you? Is there anything that will get you to the theater this weekend?

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