What New Movies Come Out Friday, April 20th?

There looks to be nine new movies opening this week. Four of them are opening wide and the other five are in limited release. None of the limited releases are playing anywhere near me up here in Seattle, but none of them really interest me all that much either. Adam Brody is both opening wide In the Land of Women and a bit more limited with a Smiley Face this week. What looks good to you this Friday?

Movies Opening Nationwide on Friday, April 20th:

Movie: Fracture (R) (Read Review)
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling and David Strathairn
Genre: Dramatic Thriller
Synopsis: A man finds that his young wife has been cheating on him and plans to kill her. When the cops arrive at his home, he lets one cop in and admits that he shot his wife. He gets arrested and the case is given to a hotshot attorney in the district attorney’s office to prosecute. It looks to be a slam-dunk. It turns out not to be so easy, as nothing is as it seems.
First Thoughts: It looks really good from the trailer, as Anthony Hopkins is always really good in these types of roles. It couldn’t be worse than last week’s Perfect Stranger.

Movie: Hot Fuzz (R)
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent and Timothy Dalton
Genre: Action Comedy
Synopsis: The best cop in London is a little too good. The rest of his fellow officers don’t like looking bad, so they send him to the crime free village of Sandford. Partnered with an overzealous officer that is a big action movie fan he goes about his boring days in his new job. Then he starts to realize that there sure are a lot of accidental deaths in this sleepy little town and starts to investigate. It looks like Sandford isn’t as crime free as was originally thought.
First Thoughts: Has the best opening line in a trailer I have heard in a long time. “From the guys who have watched every action movie ever made…” It looks like it could really good.

Movie: In the Land of Women (PG-13)
Starring: Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan
Genre: Romantic Dramedy
Synopsis: A guy gets dumped by his girlfriend and decides to getaway for a while. He moves in with his grandmother in Michigan. Once there he gets involved with the lives of the women that live across the street, a mother with two daughters. He starts to learn about himself and starts to feel that he could love again.
First Thoughts: I really like Adam Brody. He has a great delivery and was one of the best parts of the The O.C. TV show. On the other side of things, it is kind of weird that Meg Ryan has graduated from America’s Sweetheart to America’s Sweetheart’s Mom.

Movie: Vacancy (R)
Starring: Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale
Genre: Horror Thriller
Synopsis: A couple breaks down on a lonely highway and need a place to stay for the night. They get a room a small roadside hotel. Having nothing to do they try to watch some TV, but the only thing that works is the VCR. They put in a tape and it is a slasher flick that was shot in the room they are in. They realize that it is real and not a fake and the mayhem begins.
First Thoughts: Looks terrible.

Movies in Limited Release this Friday:

  • Believe – A comedy satire about multilevel marketing.
  • Severance – A bunch of employees on the way to a team building exercise get stranded and have to hike through the woods, but are stalked by a psycho killer.
  • Smiley Face – A comedy about a young actress in LA that is always stoned and has quite an adventuresome day. Stars Anna Farris, Danny Masterson and Adam Brody.
  • Stephanie Daley – The story of a teenage mother who is accused of killing her baby, but she claims she didn’t even know she was pregnant. Stars Amber Tamblyn and Timothy Hutton.
  • The Tripper – David and Courtney Cox Arquette in a horror flick that finds a bunch of hippies at a music festival being pursued by a maniac.

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