What New Movies Come Out Friday, April 27th?

There are nine new movies opening this Friday. Four are opening wide and five are in limited release.

Movie Opening Wide for Friday, April 27th:

Movie: The Condemned (R)
Starring: Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones
Genre: Action Drama
Synopsis: A bunch of prisoners are taken to a remote island and told only one will be leaving. It is kill of be killed, all for the amusement of a viewing audience.
First Thoughts: Sounds like a low rent version of Hard Target or The Running Man. Just because The Rock has been decent in a few films, doesn’t mean every wrestler should start doing movies, but they seem to be anyway.

Movie: The Invisible (PG-13)
Starring: Justin Chatwin, Margarita Levieva and Marcia Gay Harden
Genre: Dramatic Thriller
Synopsis: A kid with a big future is attacked and left for dead. He ends up in a state between dead and alive. From this limbo he has one chance to live by finding out who it was that did this to him and why they did it, but time is running out.
First Thoughts: The trailer has a good thriller vibe to it, but then so did Perfect Stranger and Fracture.

Movie: Kickin’ It Old Skool (PG-13)
Starring: Jaime Kennedy, Maria Menounos and Michael Rosenbaum
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A guy wakes up after a twenty year coma with the knowledge and experience of a child, as he was 12 when he was injured while performing in a talent show with his dance team. Upon awaking, he wants to get the old gang back together again.
First Thoughts: While the prospect of reliving the glory days of the break dancing ‘80s should appeal to someone my age, this really sounds lame. It sounds like a good idea for a MADtv or Saturday Night Live sketch, but not a movie.

Movie: Next (PG-13) (Read Review)
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore
Genre: Action Thriller
Synopsis: A lowly Las Vegas magician with the power to see his future is tracked down by a government operative to try and stop a nuclear disaster.
First Thoughts: It looks like it could be a lot of fun or a complete waste of time. It is based on the Philip K. Dick story, The Golden Man.

Movies in Limited Release This Friday:

  • Diggers – Paul Rudd stars in this story of a group of clammers who are watching their business and way of life disappear.
  • Jindabyne – Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne star in this story of a group of fishermen who find a murdered women’s body and decide to delay reporting it until they finish their trip.
  • Snow Cake – The story of a man who picks up a young hitchhiker and then is involved in a bad accident that kills her and the aftermath of that event.
  • Ta Ra Rum Pum – Story of a racecar driver who suffers a bad accident and then faces a bunch of failures and then moves his family into a rundown trailer park. He and his do all they can to not let the kids in on what has happened to them.
  • Wind Chill – Horror movie about a couple of college kids on their way home for the holidays that get stranded on a deserted stretch of road and are haunted by those that have previously died there.

Of these nine movies, the four wide releases, plus Diggers and Wind Chill are playing at a theater near me. That gives New Movie Friday six flicks to choose from. What shall I go see this Friday? What looks good to you? Is there anything here that will get you out to the theater this weekend?

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