What New Movies Come Out Friday, August 31st?

This week, at a theater near you, there are 8 new movies being released. Three open wide and another five are in limited release.

Opening Nationwide on Wednesday, August 29th:

Movie: Balls of Fury (PG-13)
Starring: Dan Fogler, Christopher Walken, George Lopez, Maggie Q & James Hong
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: The world of underground Ping-Pong turns out to be deadly. So, and FBI agent sends in a former champion undercover. They hope to find the bad guy behind all this and the guy who killed the former champion’s father as well. Under the tutelage of a blind Ping-Pong master and his super hot daughter, he tries to regain his former glory and enters the unsanctioned tournament.
First Thoughts: This looks incredibly stupid and not in a funny way.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, August 31st:

Movie: Death Sentence (R) (Read Review)
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Garrett Hedlund, Kelly Preston, Aisha Tyler & John Goodman
Genre: Action Drama Thriller
Synopsis: When a father’s family is attacked during a gang initiation, he goes all off and decides that he will hand out the justice the system would not.
First Thoughts: Kevin Bacon is the new Charles Bronson, as he goes all Death Wish on a group of gang members after they attack his family.

Movie: Halloween (R)
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Scout Taylor-Compton & Daeg Faerch
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: See how a pathological killer is made with this new beginning for the Halloween franchise.
First Thoughts: Another in the never-ending long line of horror remakes.

Movies in Limited Release this Friday:

  • Exiled – Two hit men sent to take out a guy that is trying to go legit during the turnover of Macau to Chinese rule in 1998.
  • Freshman Orientation – A hot coed who has been tasked by her sorority leader to seduce and then dump a bunch of misfits and losers thinks a guy is gay and he thinks it gives him a shot at scoring with her.
  • Ladron que Roba a Ladron – Two thieves join to rob a millionaire that made his money in infomercials. Sounds a lot like a cancelled sitcom that was on ABC last season.
  • The Nines – Three separate stories are told in this comedy drama starring Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis and Melissa McCarthy.
  • Self-Medicated – A 17-year-old boy that is struggling with the loss of his father spirals out of control in the outskirts of Las Vegas. So, his mother hires a company to kidnap him and get him clean, but they are somewhat corrupt themselves.

The movie The 11th Hour continues to expand this weekend.

For New Movie Friday there are four new movies at a theater near me this week. They are Balls of Fury, Death Sentence and Halloween. What new movie will you be heading out to see this week?

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