What New Movies Come Out Friday, March 25th?

Six new movies open this Friday. Two open wide and four are in limited release.

Movies Opening Nationwide on Friday, May 25th:

Movie: Bug (R)
Starring: Ashley Judd and Harry Connick, Jr.
Genre: Horror Thriller
Synopsis: A woman of unstable nature begins a relationship with a man of strange charisma at an old motel in the desert. She sees a flicker of hope, but then he tells her of a secret military experiment. He says he has been injected with tiny bugs that crawl beneath his skin. Paranoia and despair begins to overtake them.
First Thoughts: Sounds exactly like the kind of movie I will probably never see, although Ashley Judd’s performance is said to be quite good. I do know one thing, however, no matter what, never stay at an old rundown motel in the desert. Nothing good ever comes of it.

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (PG-13) (Read Review)
Starring: Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp
Genre: Fantasy Comedy Adventure
Synopsis: Everything hangs in the balance as a rescue of Captain Jack Sparrow is attempted. Will and Elizabeth join with Captain Barbossa to find Jack. They have to deal with the crew of The Flying Dutchman ghost ship and an infamous Chinese pirate on this journey. Ultimately, the pirate life may come to an end.
First Thoughts: It will be the big movie of the weekend, but I can only hope that it is better than the last one. That one was barely a movie, it was more just a bunch of sequences that hopefully will make more sense once the third chapter is seen.

Movies in Limited Release this Week:

  • Angel-A – A guy thinking of suicide to escape his debts saves a woman from killing herself. She then pledges to stay with him and help him figure away out of his current circumstances.
  • The Boss of It All – The director of a company has been telling his employees that the real head of the firm is an absentee owner. When the director decides he wants to sell, the buyer will only deal with the owner. Since the owner is not real, the director hires an actor to portray him, but things go wrong and comedy ensues.
  • The Golden Door – The story of a man and his two sons with a group of others trying to make their way from Sicily to America.
  • Paprika – The anime story of a scientist who at night is a dream detective. He and others are working on a device to help people with psychiatric problems, but if it got into the wrong people’s hands, it could be used to mess with people’s brains. When the device is taken, the scientist investigates its disappearance.

As of now, it looks like only Bug and Pirates of the Caribbean are playing anywhere near me. So, that leaves two movies to choose from. What new movies will you be taking in this Memorial Day weekend?

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