What New Movies Start Friday, April 30th, 2010?

There are eight movies opening this week. Two are opening everywhere and six more open on a limited basis.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, April 30th:

Movie: Furry Vengeance (PG)
Starring: Brendan Frasier & Brooke Shields
Genre: Family Comedy
Synopsis: A real estate developer moves to Oregon to oversee a big new project that calls for the leveling of acres of forested areas. The animals living there don’t take kindly to the news and try to prevent it from happening.
First Thoughts: This looks dumb.

Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street (R)
Starring: Jackie Earl Haley, Kyle Gallner & Katie Cassidy
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: A group of teenagers are being hunted in their dreams by the infamous Freddy Kruger. They have to stay awake to keep safe and try to protect each other.
First Thoughts: Another in a long line of movies, in the horror genre especially, that didn’t need an update.

Movies in Limited Release:

  • The Good Heart – Drama about a guy that is drinking and smoking himself to deatht that comes across a homeless man that he deems the right person to take place and sets out to teach him about the male-centric laws of his alcoholic clubhouse.
  • Harry Brown – Crime thriller about a man played by Michael Caine that comes to his breaking point when is companion is killed. Can you say an updated British Dirty Harry, as that’s what it sounds like to me.
  • The Human Centipede – A sadistic horror movie about a German doctor attempting to surgically create a human centipede.
  • Mercy – Fantasy movie about a romance author that is shocked at why a critic disliked his latest book and sets out to find the depth he seems to be lacking.
  • Please Give – Black comedy about a couple that makes their living buying and selling things purchased cheaply at estate sales, but the woman doesn’t like what they are doing and makes a change that leads to some unexpected consequences.
  • Phish 3D – See the band Phish in a 3D filmed concert.

For New Movie Friday there are three new movies to choose from this week. They are Furry Vengeance, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Phish 3D. None of which I will be seeing. Do any of this week’s new movies look good to you?

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