What New Movies Start on Friday, July 25th?

This Friday there are six new movies hitting a screen near you. Two of them are opening everywhere and four are in limited release.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, July 25th:

Movie: Step Brothers (R)
Starring: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins & Adam Scott
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Two lazy guys that still live with and leech of their parents are forced to move in together after their parents get married. It creates an insane rivalry, as the lives they have known get tuned upside down. When their fighting ends up putting a strain on their parents’ relationship, they end up working together to get their parents back together.
First Thoughts: Not sure what to make of this. It is so absurd that is just might work, but it also might just be absurd.

Movie: The X-Files: I Want to Believe (PG-13)
Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly & Xzibit
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller
Synopsis: Mulder still looking for the truth, which is out there, and ends up involving Scully in a mystery the pulls them in unexpected directions.
First Thoughts: It’s The X-Files, so I will be setting at the theater on Friday ready to watch, but have no idea what to expect.

Movie in Limited Release:

  • American Teen – Documentary about the senior year of high school, which follows a group of students from a small school in Indiana.
  • Boy A – Psychological drama about a youth that has spent most of his life in jail for murder and his attempt to re-enter society upon his release. Starts today, July 23rd.
  • Brideshead Revisited – Period drama based on the memoirs of Capt. Charles Ryder and the interesting happenings while living at Brideshead Castle.
  • CSNY Déjà Vu – Documentary about Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on their North American “Freedom of Speech 2006” tour.

For New Movie Friday there are four new movies that could be seen this week. They are Brideshead Revisited, CSNY Déjà Vu, Step Brothers and The X-Files: I Want to Believe. What new movie looks good to you this week?

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