Will the Premonition Be Fulfilled?

Well, New Movie Friday will find out tomorrow. Premonition is the movie I am going to see and review this week.

It actually looks like it might be pretty good. I don’t really go for the horror movies, so Dead Silence and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Jordan were easy to cut from the list. So, it came down to a little comedy with Chris Rock or suspense with Sandra Bullock.

Watching the Premonition trailer and seeing the commercials, I thought they did a good job of setting up the premise and not giving too much away. It looks promising and I want to know what direction they took it. Hopefully, it will have a good conclusion. As for I Think I Love My Wife, I don’t think I love the premise quite as much as Premonition.

The potential problem with Premonition is that someone had a great idea, but didn’t know how to end it. A big setup with a poor payoff tends to be the case more often than not with movies like this.

Tomorrow, find out if it is a good or bad Premonition.

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