Movies Watched in 2011

Saw a tweet about the number of movies someone watched in 2010 at the beginning of January and thought it would be fun to keep a list of all the movies I watch in 2011. So, I’m going to keep a running list of them here, whether I’ve seen them before or not. At the end of the year, I’ll easily be able to see the total number. Plus, it also makes for a nice main index of all movies reviewed on the site or elsewhere in 2011. Note: movie titles in bold are movies released this year.

Movie WatchedDateWhereReview
1Extract1.02SHO OnDemandTweet
2When in Rome1.02Starz OnDemandTweet
3The Bounty Hunter1.02Starz OnDemandTweet
4Season of the Witch1.07AMC WoodinvilleFull/Tweet
5The Green Hornet1.14AMC WoodinvilleFull/Tweet
6No Strings Attached1.21AMC WoodinvilleFull/Tweet
7The Dilemma1.27AMC WoodinvilleTweet
8The Mechanic1.28AMC WoodinvilleTweet
9Sci-Fi + Fantasy Short Film Festival1.29CineramaTweet
10Sanctum2.04AMC WoodinvilleTweet
11Serenity2.05SIFF CinemaTweet
12Starship Troopers2.05SIFF CinemaTweet
13Just Go With It2.11AMC WoodinvilleTweet
14I Am Number Four2.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
15Toy Story 32.19AMC WoodinvilleTweet
16127 Hours2.19AMC WoodinvilleTweet
17The Kids Are All Right2.19AMC WoodinvilleTweet
18True Grit2.19AMC WoodinvilleTweet
19The Fighter2.19AMC WoodinvilleTweet
20Raiders of the Lost Ark2.20SIFF CinemaTweet
21Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Adaptation2.20SIFF CinemaTweet
22Unknown2.23AMC WoodinvilleTweet
23Drive Angry 3D2.25AMC WoodinvilleTweet
24Winter's Bone2.26AMC WoodinvilleTweet
25Black Swan2.26AMC WoodinvilleTweet
26Inception2.26AMC WoodinvilleTweet
27The Social Network2.26AMC WoodinvilleTweet
28The King's Speech2.26AMC WoodinvilleTweet
29The Adjustment Bureau3.04AMC WoodinvilleTweet
30Battle: Los Angeles3.11AMC WoodinvilleTweet
31The Lincoln Lawyer3.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
32Sucker Punch3.25AMC WoodinvilleTweet/Tweet
33Source Code4.01AMC WoodinvilleTweet
34Limitless4.03AMC WoodinvilleTweet
35The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo4.10Netflix InstantTweet
36The Girl Who Played with Fire4.10Netflix Instant
37The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest4.10Netflix Instant
38Hanna4.22AMC WoodinvilleTweet
39Salt - Director's Cut4.23Starz OnDemandTweet
40Fast Five4.26AMC Pacific PlaceFull/Tweet
41The First Grader (SIFF)4.28AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
42Bridesmaids5.04AMC Pacific PlaceFull/Tweet
43Thor5.06AMC WoodinvilleTweet
44Black, White and Blues (SIFF)5.10AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
45Priest5.13AMC WoodinvilleTweet
46The Whistleblower (SIFF)5.19AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
47Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides5.20AMC WoodinvilleTweet
48My So-Called Enemy (SIFF)5.24AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
49Killing Bono (SIFF)5.24AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
50The Hangover Part II5.27AMC WoodinvilleTweet
51Adventureland5.30SHO OnDemand
52The Losers5.30MAX OnDemandTweet
53Takers5.31Starz OnDemand
54Scott Pilgrim vs. the World5.31HBO OnDemand
55X-Men: First Class6.03AMC WoodinvilleTweet
56Post Grad6.06MAX OnDemand
57Away We Go6.08MAX OnDemand
58Zombieland6.08Starz OnDemandTweet
59The Breakup Artist6.08Starz OnDemand
60Super 86.10AMC WoodinvilleTweet
61The Back-Up Plan6.11SHO OnDemand
62Vampires Suck6.12MAX OnDemandTweet
63Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief6.13HBO OnDemand
64Guilty Hearts6.15DVDGiveaway
65Green Lantern6.17AMC WoodinvilleTweet
66Bad Teacher6.22AMC Pacific PlaceFull/Tweet
67Larry Crowne6.28AMC Pacific PlaceFull/Tweet
68Transformers: Dark of the Moon6.29AMC WoodinvilleTweet
69I Am Comic7.01SHO OnDemand
70Zookeeper7.05AMC Pacific PlaceFull/Tweet
71Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 27.15AMC Woodinville
72Cowboys & Aliens7.26AMC Pacific PlaceFull
73The Change-Up8.02AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
7430 Minutes or Less8.03AMC Oak TreeFull/Tweet
75Country Strong8.21Starz OnDemand
76Captain America: The First Avenger8.21AMC Woodinville
77Life As We Know It8.22HBO OnDemand
78Mercy8.25SHO OnDemand
79Colombiana8.26AMC Woodinville
80All the Real Girls8.26SHO OnDemand
81Down With Love8.27MAX OnDemand
82Assassin in Love8.27SHO OnDemand
83Warrior9.01AMC Pacific Place
84The Switch9.05SHO OnDemand
85Stone of Destiny9.05Encore OnDemand
86Mister Eleven9.06Encore OnDemand
87Moneyball9.15Regal Thorton PlaceTweet
88Drive9.16AMC WoodinvilleTweet
89MIFFF Science Fiction Shorts9.17SIFF Cinema
90MIFFF Fantasy Shorts9.17SIFF Cinema
91Boy Wonder (MIFFF)9.17SIFF Cinema
92Absentia (MIFFF)9.18SIFF Cinema
93The Selling (MIFFF)9.18SIFF CinemaTweet
94The Three Musketeers (2011)10.21AMC WoodinvilleTweet
95In Time10.28AMC WoodinvilleTweet
96Tower Heist11.01AMC Pacific PlaceTweet
97The Immortals11.10Regal Thorton PlaceTweet
98The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 111.18AMC WoodinvilleTweet
99Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows12.17AMC WoodinvilleTweet
100The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo12.21AMC Woodinville
101Mission: Impossilbe - Ghost Protocol12.26AMC Woodinville