Movies Watched in 2013

Movie WatchedDateWhereReview
1New Year's Eve1.01HBO OnDemand
2Parker1.25AMC Woodinville
3A Good Day to Die Hard2.15AMC WoodinvilleTweet
4Amour2.16AMC AlderwoodTweet
5Les Miserables2.16AMC Alderwood
6Argo2.16AMC AlderwoodTweet
7Django Unchained2.16AMC AlderwoodTweet
8Beasts of the Southern Wild2.23AMC AlderwoodTweet
9Life of Pi2.23AMC AlderwoodTweet
10Lincoln2.23AMC AlderwoodTweet
11Silver Linings Playbook2.23AMC Alderwood
12Zero Dark Thirty2.23AMC AlderwoodTweet
13Oblivion4.20Cinema City
14Much Ado About Nothing (SIFF)4.25SIFF UptownTweet
15Iron Man 35.03AMC WoodinvilleTweet
16Star Trek Into Darkness5.17AMC Woodinville
17Out of Print (SIFF)5.19Online ScreenerTweet
18Furious 65.24AMC Woodinville
19Looper5.27Starz OnDemand
20Cockneys vs. Zombies (SIFF)6.06Online ScreenerTweet
21Man of Steel6.14AMC WoodinvilleTweet
22World War Z6.24AMC Woodinville
23Lone Ranger7.05AMC Woodinville
24Pacific Rim7.14AMC WoodinvilleTweet
26The Avengers11.07Netflix
27Thor: The Dark World11.08AMC WoodinvilleTweet