What New Movies Start Friday, June 6th?

On Friday we get seven new movies arriving in a theater near you. Two are opening everywhere and five are in limited release.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, June 6th:

Movie: Kung Fu Panda (PG)
Starring: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu & Ian McShane
Genre: Animated Family Comedy
Synopsis: A panda that works in a noodle shop dreams of one day becoming a kung-fu master. Out of nowhere he gets a chance to have his dream come true and study with his idols to fulfill an ancient prophecy. He has to do whatever he can to protect his people from the evil snow leopard.
First Thoughts: Has a great voice cast and the kids will probably get a kick out of it, but I just have never been into big screen animated movies. Loved watching cartoons on TV as a kid. Also available in an IMAX version.

Movie: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (PG-13) (Read Review)
Starring: Adam Sandler, John Turturro, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nick Swardson & Lainie Kazan
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A legendary Israeli commando is tired of all the fighting in his country and decides to fake his own death and head to New York to start a new life, as a hairstylist. He becomes a big hit with the ladies, because of his sexy cuts, but it also gets him noticed by enemy Arabs. So, he has to use his training to stay alive and continue cutting hair.
First Thoughts: I usually like Adam Sandler movies, but this one just looks incredible stupid. Yet, it’s what I will be watching this Friday.

Movies in Limited Release:

  • Miss Conception – Romantic comedy starring Heather Graham.
  • Mongol – Historical epic about Temudgin.
  • Mother of Tears: The Third Mother – Supernatural horror about urns, coffins being unearthed, and witches in Rome.
  • The Promotion – Comedy starring Seann William Scott, John C. Reilly & Jenna Fischer about two guys trying for the same promotion and anything goes. This is the movie I would like to see this Friday, but it isn’t playing anywhere near me.
  • When Did You Last See Your Father? – Colin First as a poet that goes to visit his dying father and remembers what he used to be like.

For New Movie Friday there are two new movies to choose from this week. They are Kung Fu Panda and You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. What new movie looks good to you this week?

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