What’s the Deal With the Lack of New Movie Friday Updates & Reviews?

Sorry for the lack of updating over here at New Movie Friday, but the Fall TV Season has overtaken me as of late with TV reviews over at TVaholic.

Not only that, but a new project came about recently. I partnered with two other TV bloggers to create a new podcast. It’s called TV times Three and we plan on talking about the goings-on in the world of TV each week. If you’re a TV fan as well, you might be interested in taking a listen.

I have continued to go see a movie each Friday, but haven’t been able to update this site or get to the reviews for each of those movies, which I was already behind on coming into this month.

I went to see Eagle Eye today, which was pretty good and Worth a Matinee. Once the action gets going, it doesn’t stop.

The plan is to get things back to normal around here starting next week with both what’s coming on Wednesdays and reviews of what I have seen on Fridays. Getting sick this week only helped to push it out another week. I’m also thinking of doing a series of mini reviews to catch things up.

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