Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-01-08

Happy New Year! # Just watched Extract starring Jason Bateman & Mila Kunis. What a waste of a great cast. Very disappointing. # Saw #WheninRome while perusing OnDemand. Figured it wasn't going 2 b good, but it actually fell short of even that. Felt bad 4 Kristen Bell. # Have not heard good things about [...]

Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-01-01

#TheFighter is a great movie. Outstanding performances all-around, but Christian Bale is so good that he disappears into the character. # Only 1, but it was the lowest one. RT @scottEweinberg: How many of 2010's lowest-grossing wide releases have you seen? # Includes #BacktotheFuture Bond, Zombies & more movie marathons. RT @theTVaholic: 131 New [...]

Twitterings for the Week Ending 2010-12-18

RT @ebertchicago: Why is film criticism important? Hey, I'm glad you asked. I didn't realize this was online: # It actually looks good. RT @ddogfilm: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’: The first trailer is here! # RT @briandom: TRON: LEGACY isn't simply eye candy, it's Wonka's entire factory. # The Magic [...]

Twitterings for the Week Ending 2010-12-11

RT @DeathStarPR: Freedom of Information: it's all fun & games til somebody leaks the secret plans 2 your Death Star. #WookieeLeaks #StarWars # @screenrant Oddly enough, the Yogi Bear trailer has gotten laughs from the audience each time I've seen it play at the theater recently. # Become a fan of on Facebook. Like [...]

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