March 2007

What New Movies Come Out on Friday, March 23rd?

This is a good week for movies. I don’t know if it is a week for good movies or for movies that are weak, but we will find out this Friday. This week we have six major releases and nine limited releases. That is the possibility of up to 15 new movies hitting screens around [...]

Premonition is a well-done suspense drama for the most part. You want to keep watching. You want to know what is going on. Do you find out what is going on? Well, I don’t want to give anything away. This kind of movie is tough to review. You can give away much of the plot in a comedy and it will still be funny. Same with a drama and it will still be dramatic. In the case of a suspense thriller, if you give away too much, it ceases to be suspenseful and the thrill is gone. Well, what to do?

Will the Premonition Be Fulfilled?

Well, New Movie Friday will find out tomorrow. Premonition is the movie I am going to see and review this week. It actually looks like it might be pretty good. I don’t really go for the horror movies, so Dead Silence and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Jordan were easy to cut from [...]

What New Movies Start Playing on Friday, March 16th?

It is nice to have another week with some actual movie choices. This Friday there are four movies that are opening in my area, up here in Seattle. According to First Showing there are seven movies being released this week. Overall it looks like there are 13 movies hitting theaters around the country, just not [...]

300, while visually appealing, in the end leaves you with a, “is that all there is,” feeling upon leaving the theater. The movie is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller (Sin City), which was inspired by the 1962 movie, The 300 Spartans. That movie was based on the historical Battle of Thermopylae. Ultimately, something got lost in translation.

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