March 2007

300 is the One

Or, so they say in the commercials. With stuff like, “this film will do for movie making what the Matrix did” and other such big time hype statements, 300 sure better be really good and mesmerizing to watch on the big screen. What is the deal with the over-hyping of things these days? It happens [...]

What New Movies Come Out Friday, March 9th?

Well, pretty much there is only one movie coming out and that is 300, but according to Fandango there are seven movies hitting theaters this week. Only four of these movies are playing near me. One is opening nationwide, 300, and the rest are in limited release. Nationwide Movie Releases for March 9th: Movie: 300 [...]

New Movie Friday Goes Wild Hogs

I am looking for a little laughter this week. Check that, I am looking for a lot of laughter this week. My fear is that I will only get a little. Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta, William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence as a group of friends who need to get away, will [...]

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