A Breach in the Bridge to Terabithia by a Ghost Rider Needs Inspecting

This is the first week of the year where there are two movies opening on Friday that I want to see. Actually, three this week, if you include Music and Lyrics, which opened yesterday, on Valentine’s Day. The two movies are Breach and Ghost Rider.

In Breach we have Chris Cooper as the ultimate traitor and spy who sold secrets to the Soviet Union for more than 20 years. The cast looks great and the story is perfect for the movie treatment, a taught dramatic action thriller based on a true story.

In Ghost Rider we have Nicolas Cage playing the title character. He looks and sounds like Elvis meets Evel Knievel set a blaze. A comic book adaptation is always a big draw for me, even if it is one I am not that familiar with.

After a few weeks of romantic comedies, I think it is time for some drama. So, on Friday I am going to go see Breach and then over the weekend or early next week go see Ghost Rider as well.

What movie looks good to you this weekend?

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