A Cleaner Comedy to Begin the New Year

That is right Cedric the Entertainer’s new movie Code Name: The Cleaner is the first of 52 new movies I am going to see this year. I usually only see the big budget blockbuster summer movies at the theatre. Maybe rent a few others and wait for the rest to hit HBO or Showtime. Since there isn’t a big action flick every Friday I will have to adjust my normal viewing habits.

I only saw two or three movies on the big screen last year, which was an all-time low for me. This seeing a newly released movie every Friday for the year will be interesting. You get like three to five options each week and I am sure there will be weeks that nothing really looks good at all.

This week the best movie from an overall standpoint is probably Freedom Writers but in my estimation you can enjoy a drama on any size screen without losing anything. So I went closer to my normal theatre movie going routine with the action comedy, Code Name: The Cleaner. It looks funny and seems like the best way to start off the year is with a laugh. Here’s hoping that it is actually funny and that the only good lines weren’t in the trailer.

I will be seeing the first showing tomorrow. After applying my review cipher key to Code Name I will let you know if the code is broken or if it is worth a look.

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