New Movies This Friday

New Movie Releases for Valentine’s Day Week

I really like this week for new movies, especially after the last few. We get two new romantic comedies today, Valentine’s Day, and three new movies on Friday. That is five premieres for the movie going public this weekend to choose from. I already went and saw Music and Lyrics today and will choose between [...]

This week is much the same as last week at your local movie theater. We have two movies to choose from, a comedy and a suspense thriller. They are Norbit with Eddie Murphy playing just about everybody and Hannibal Rising who is killing just about everybody. They each look to have that one movie too [...]

This week there are two major motion pictures premiering at a theater near you. They are the romantic comedy Because I Said So and the horror suspense drama The Messengers. I am looking forward to the end of February when there are more than two new movies to choose from on an opening day. Next [...]

A Lot of This and That Coming to a Theater Near You

There are three movies being released this week with an AND in the title. We have Blood and Chocolate, Breaking and Entering and Catch and Release. Arthur and the Invisibles should have opened this week as well. I always find these little coincidences interesting. How three movies made at different times and about different things, [...]

Seems To Be a Little Hitcher in My Giddyup

Usually on a Friday there are like three to five movies to choose from that are new. During January these are usually not the greatest of flicks to hit theaters but I started this new website with the idea of seeing a new movie on Fridays. Then this Friday comes and there is only one [...]

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