Seems To Be a Little Hitcher in My Giddyup

Usually on a Friday there are like three to five movies to choose from that are new. During January these are usually not the greatest of flicks to hit theaters but I started this new website with the idea of seeing a new movie on Fridays. Then this Friday comes and there is only one new movie to hit my local cinemaplex, The Hitcher, a horror suspense flick. This would be one of the last movies I would ever choose to go see at the theater let alone anywhere else. Yet, I set up my rules and now I have to live by them.

New Movie Opening January 19th:

Movie: The Hitcher (R)
Starring: Sean Bean and Sophia Bush
Genre: Horror Suspense Thriller
Synopsis: Update of The Hitcher. Two college students are headed for spring break when they end up in a life and death struggle against John Ryder.
First Thoughts: Do we really need another update of a horror movie that is only 20 years old? Not my usual movie choice.

There are a few movies that are opening wider this week but The Hitcher is the only one that is new at a theater near me. So, I guess that will make my viewing choice pretty easy. Are you going to see this movie? If so, what is the attraction?

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