Fracture Filled With Hot Fuzz This Friday

There are three movies coming out this Friday that I am interested in seeing. They are Fracture, Hot Fuzz and In the Land of Women. I think I will leave the Vacancy unfilled. I tried to use In the Land of Women in the title of this post, but however many permutations I tried along with Hot Fuzz, Fracture or even Vacancy, they all just sounded dirty.

It looks like it will be a Fracture Friday followed by some Hot Fuzz on Sunday. A vacation In the Land of Women will be had near the end of the summer when it’ll probably be out on DVD and then gets added to my Netflix queue.

I am hoping to be a bit more thrilled by Fracture than last week’s Perfect Stranger. I should have gone to see Disturbia like most everyone else who went to the movies last weekend.

My favorite movies are of the action genre and if you can throw in a little comedy, all-the-better. So, when I heard the tag line for Hot Fuzz: “From the guys who watched every action movie ever made,” I just new I was going to have to go see it. So, now I am.

Of the four big movie releases this weekend, which one will you be going to see?

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