My Spidey Senses Are Already Tingling

How about you? Are you ready for Spider-Man 3 and the kickoff of the summer movie season? I am. This is the movie that New Movie Friday will be taking in tomorrow. I already have my ticket in my hot little hand, thanks to Fandango.

How much do you think it will take in on its first weekend? It is almost a given it will go over the $100 million mark, but how far over?

They have it playing in four of the 12 theaters at my local movie house for a total of 18 times each day for the three-day weekend. And, it will be playing in their four biggest theaters, I am sure.

I can’t wait to swing on down to the theater and grab myself a seat and sick back and enjoy the third installment of this franchise. I try not to hear or read anything about upcoming movies much, as I don’t want to spoil my thoughts on the movie with the ruminations of others, but the buzz seems to be pointing to another smash hit.

Spider-Man 3 opened over seas over the last few days to record box office takes. I think it was France, where this one took in more than the first two movies did combined on opening day there.

Will you be braving the crowds this weekend to see Spider-Man 3?

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