New Movies for Friday, May 11th, 2012

There are 14 new movies in the theaters Friday. One opens nationwide and the other 13 open on a limited basis.

Didn’t get a post out last week due to a computer crash, but you probably knew that The Avengers was pretty much the only game in town anyways.

Nationwide – New Movie for Friday, May 11th:

Movie: Dark Shadows (PG-13)
Starring: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley & Jonny Lee Miller
Genre: Horror Comedy
Synopsis: A rich man in 18th century Maine breaks the heart of a witch and she turns him into a vampire and then buries him alive. It is now 1972 and he is found and escapes. He finds things have changed a lot. He moves back into his former estate with decedents from his family.
First Thoughts: This looks like it could be really good or an extreme misstep. It’s from the mind of Tim Burton, who directs. Seems like an interesting mash-up of genres. It is also being released in IMAX.

Limited – New Movies for Friday, May 11th:

  • A Bag of Hammers – Comedy about two young men that steal cars for a living come in contact with a 12-year-old runaway, which causes them to question their life and where they should go from here.
  • The Cup – Drama about two brothers from a legendary horse racing family and how one of them deals with the loss of the other in the days leading up to the prestigious Melbourne Cup.
  • Dangerous Ishhq – Suspense thriller about a woman that believes if she can unlock the puzzle of her dreams that she will be able to rescue her recently abducted lover.
  • Girl in Progress – Drama starring Eva Mendes about a single mother who is too busy to spend time with her daughter and the daughter’s plan to skip ahead to adulthood.
  • God Bless America – Comedy about a pair that feel disenfranchised that set out to rid the world of the dumbest and most irritating celebrities they can find.
  • Hick – Drama starring Chloe Moretz, Blake Lively and Alec Baldwin about a young girl the runs away from her abusive family and the dangerous and destructive people she meets as she hitchhikes west.
  • I Wish – Family drama about two young brothers separated by their parents’ divorce and how one hopes that a new bullet train linking the two towns they live in will help to reunite his family.
  • Nobody Else But You – Suspense thriller about a mystery author with writer’s block that is the only one that believes a suicide to be murder.
  • The Road – Horror flick about an old case that gets reopened after three teenagers go missing on an abandoned road.
  • Sleepless Night – Action thriller about a respected cop and family man that gets caught stealing cocaine from a drug dealer and how it endangers his family and his quest to keep them safe.
  • Tonight You’re Mine – Romantic comedy about two musicians that get handcuffed together.
  • Under African Skies – Documentary that follows musician Paul Simon on a trip to Africa some 25 years after his first visit.
  • Where Do We Go Now? – Comedy about how the women of a village, where the church and mosque are right next to each other, attempt to keep the men from starting a holy war.

There is one new movie playing in my area this week. It is Dark Shadows. Of the 14 new movies for Friday, what looks good to you?

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