Shooter Reigns Over Me

There sure is a lot to choose from at the box office this week. Of the eight movies that are in my area, there are only three that I want to see. They are Pride, Reign Over Me and Shooter.

I am a sucker for a good sports drama and Pride has a really solid cast and is based on true events, which gives this type of movie a little more heart than your average fare.

Adam Sandler in a mostly serious role also appeals to me. I like his goofy stuff like Happy Gilmore and such, but with Don Cheadle and an interesting story to tell about a guy who completely lost it after losing his entire family on Sept. 11th, it looks worth checking out.

Then there is Shooter. This is my kind of movie, especially on the big screen. I am of the opinion that action adventure type movies, more than any other, need to be seen on the big screen at your local theater to be fully enjoyed. A comedy will still be just as funny at home, but the explosions and special effects and car chases and everything else that makes up a big actioner, will lose a little bit of its pizzazz when watching on your smaller screen TV. This is becoming less and less the case these days as TVs get bigger and home theater systems get better, but in general, it still holds true.

So, with that thought in mind, New Movie Friday will be heading out tomorrow to see Shooter. While Bob Lee Swagger doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as John McClane or John Rambo or Jason Bourne, hopefully Mark Wahlberg can hit it big as an action hero anyway. Come back tomorrow for the review of Shooter or get the RSS feed and always have the latest from New Movie Friday.

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