Shrek the Third Will Be My Twenty-Third New Movie of the Year

There isn’t a whole lot of choice in the matter. If I am to continue down the path of watching at least one new movie each Friday, Shrek the Third is the only game in town. Nothing else is being released nationwide and all the limited release flicks are not playing anywhere near me.

This isn’t the 23rd Friday of the year, as I have seen three new movies on other days. I am on pace for about 60 new movies watched on the big screen at a theater for the year. That will be 30 times more than I saw last year. So, in that respect this has been quite a fun project.

I was hoping to rent and watch Shrek 2 this week, but didn’t get a chance. I saw the first one, but have never seen the second. Now I will be going to go see the third. It has been so long since I saw the first one that I don’t even remember it that well. So, I guess tomorrows review of Shrek the Third will be based on what I think of it and not compared to how much better or worse it was than the first two.

Will you be heading out to the theater this weekend to catch Shrek the Third?

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