The Pathfinder Sets a Course to Disturbia with a Perfect Stranger

This is quite the weekend for the suspense thriller, as Disturbia, Perfect Stranger and Slow Burn all hit your local cinemaplex. We have the up and comer cast of Distubia vs. the been there done that really well cast of Perfect Stranger with the some of us have been there, but not all of us have done that cast of Slow Burn somewhere in the middle.

As for other offerings this weekend, we have an R-rated cartoon, a guy running around with a sword killing Vikings invaders and bunch of beautiful 20-somethings driving and crashing fast cars. As I don’t watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force on TV, I will probably keep up that streak with the movie version. Pathfinder may one day make its way onto my TV via HBO or whatever premium movie outlet it finally shows up on. The same goes with Redline and all its hot cars and fast chicks or is it fast cars and hot chicks.

That left the three suspense thrillers as options for New Movie Friday this week. Disturbia is a maybe someday, if there is nothing else on and I am bored out of my mind and I see it has been added to the On Demand movie listings, then I might check it out. Slow Burn will be a definite addition to the Netflix queue when hit comes out on DVD.

That narrowed the field down to one, Perfect Stranger. So, it looks like Halle Berry and Bruce Willis will try and thrill me, while holding me in suspense.

What movies hitting the big screen this Friday will get you out to the theater this weekend?

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