Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-05-07

  • Should we be THORoughly excited? RT @popculturezoo: You'll find out Friday why I'm here. (@ AMC Pacific Place 11) #
  • RT @ScottMendelson: I saw #Thor in IMAX 3D because it was a press screening. Otherwise I'd have opted for 2D. Suggest you choose 2D if able. #
  • Time for #Bridesmaids screening. Hope it lives up to the trailer. It hits theaters Friday, May 13th. #
  • #Bridesmaids is flat-out hilarious. Better than #TheHangover Kristen Wiig is fantastic, as is Melissa McCarthy. Definitely worth seeing. #
  • @macguffincast Prepare to laugh. I haven't laughed that much in quite some time. #
  • @thatspencer @seattlefilmblog Well, Wed. screening was really good, since the theater wasn't full and I didn't have to fight for elbow room. #
  • @RonHenriques Not here. People began leaving as soon as the credits started & almost half were gone when the scene following credits played. #
  • As someone who knew almost zero about #Thor going in, I found the movie to be a fun intro. But, not quite up to other #Marvel Comics flicks. #
  • RT @Movieline: Is every Kate Hudson romcom the same? Check out @Movieline's Kate Hudson equivalency index to see #
  • RT @scottEweinberg: Dear 3D, Please Die Already (Again) | – — RT this if you like it? Thanks. #3dsucks #

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