New Movies Coming Out Friday, June 10th, 2011

There are eight new movies coming out Friday. Two open everywhere and another six are in limited release. Also, Midnight in Paris expands wider this weekend.

Nationwide – New Movies Coming Out Friday, June 10th:

Movie: Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (PG)
Starring: Jordana Beatty, Heather Graham, Parris Mosteller, Jaleel White, Preston Bailey, Garrett Ryan & Taylar Hender
Genre: Family Comedy
Synopsis: A girl has planned out a totally awesome summer for her and her two friends and then finds out that they are off on their own adventures. To make matters worse, she and her brother get stuck with an aunt they have never met before when her parents take off for California.
First Thoughts: I’m sure the young ones might enjoy it.

Movie: Super 8 (PG-13)
Starring: Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Gabriel Basso, Noah Emmerich & Ron Eldard
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller
Synopsis: A few kids are having fun filming a zombie movie with their Super-8 camera in 1979 Ohio. While do so, they witness a horrific crash of a train that they were lucky to escape the aftermath. Not long after they find out that the crash wasn’t an accident and people in the area are starting to disappear. The local deputy and father of one of the kids is searching for the truth behind what is going on in his town.
First Thoughts: I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since I saw the first teaser trailer. This is one of those that you definitely don’t wan to know too much about going in. It is also available in IMAX.

Limited – New Movies Coming Out Friday, June 10th:

  • Bride Flight – Drama about three women looking to escape post-WWII Holland that meet on a flight to New Zealand and how their live continue to cross over the next few decades.
  • The Chameleon – Drama based on the true story of Frédéric Bourdin as depicted in the novel of the same title by author Christophe D’Antonio.
  • Road to Nowhere – Crime drama about a filmmaker that casts an actress the bares a remarkable resemblance to the real femme fatale the movie he is making is based on.
  • The Trip – Buddy comedy about two guys traveling the back roads of rural England to review fine restaurants for The Observer and what the trip teaches them about themselves, their friendship and fame.
  • Trollhunter – Creature feature about a group of Norwegian film students that want to get real-life trolls on film after they find out that they actually exist and a government conspiracy has been covering it up for years.
  • Viva Riva! – Drama about a guy that heads back to his home town in Congo with a big score, a local gangster’s kept woman he falls for, and his former crime boss wanting the return of what was taken from him.

There are two new movies playing in my area this week. They are Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer and Super 8. Of the eight new movies coming out Friday, which one are you most looking forward to seeing?

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