One is the Loneliest Number for this Movie Watcher

Why? Because The Hitcher is all alone this weekend, it is the only new movie hitting the box office this Friday. I like a good suspense thriller, not that this is one. But, when you throw in the horror aspect, it just leaves me cold. I have never been a big fan of the horror movie genre. Unfortunately, the only new movie I can hitch a review ride with this week is The Hitcher. Which is a horror suspense thriller.

So, to recap:

  • I don’t particularly like horror movies.
  • A horror type movie is the only thing coming out this week.
  • I am going to see The Hitcher for the third new movie Friday of the year.

I am sure the suspense of what movie I would see this Friday was just unbearable after reading yesterday’s post. But, now you are thrilled to know what I am going to see and why I am going to see it. Come back tomorrow and see if it was horrific or worth thumbing a ride down to your local movie house.

Will you be taking in The Hitcher this weekend?

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