Twitterings for the Week Ending 2011-02-12

  • @SonMiRa Yeah, Sanctum wasn't good. What did you think of it? #
  • Back from a #Serenity #StarshipTroopers double feature at #SIFFCinema The first is still great and the second is still so bad it's good. #
  • I can't remember if I saw #StarshipTroopers in a theater back in 1997, so it was interesting to see it with an audience. #
  • Yet, #StarshipTroopers is just as I remember it, boobs, bombs and bugs. Would You Like to Know More? #
  • RT @screenrant: Super Bowl Movie Trailers – 2011 #
  • #JustGoWithIt isn't a total piece of devlin. Aniston is fantastic & Decker brings a couple of things, but Sandler sleepwalks thru the flick. #

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