What Movies Come Out on Friday, June 22nd?

Seven new movies come out this Friday. Three open wide and four are in limited release.

Movies Opening Nationwide on Friday, June 22nd:

Movie: 1408 (PG-13)
Starring: John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack & Tony Shalhoub
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: A big time horror novelist that makes his living debunking the paranormal decides to check into room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. It is part of his latest book project, where he will be staying in haunted hotel rooms. He is warned by the hotel manager not to, but he doesn’t believe in ghoulies and ghosties. Will he survive the night? Will he find that he has been wrong all along? Based on the short story by Stephen King.
First Thoughts: Not a big horror fan, but really like John Cusack. Even so, probably won’t be checking into 1408 anytime soon.

Movie: A Mighty Heart (R)
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman & Will Patton
Genre: Docudrama
Synopsis: Based on the events detailed in Mariane Pearl’s memoir. It tells the tragic tale Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl. It starts out with why he was in Karachi, Pakistan. It then tells of his abduction and the efforts of his wife to find him in the weeks after his disappearance and then his eventual murder.
First Thoughts: This is a heavy movie given the subject matter of the tragic and gruesome death of reporter Danny Pearl. Probably won’t be seeing it at a theater, but will definitely watch it at some point.

Movie: Evan Almighty (PG) (Read Review)
Starring: Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham & John Goodman
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Newsman Evan Baxter has been elected to congress. So, he moves his wife and family to a nice home in Virginia. Everything seems great until God shows up with a task for him to complete. He is to build an ark and start getting two of every animal to get aboard before the flood comes.
First Thoughts: Jim Carrey was great in Bruce Almighty and if anybody can carry off a sequel it is the wonderful Steve Carrell (40 Year Old Virgin, TV’s The Office). He was the bumbling newscaster in the first film, whose job Bruce wanted, if I remember correctly.

Movies in Limited Release this Friday:

  • Black Sheep – Horror comedy about genetically engineered sheep that wreak havoc on a family farm.
  • Broken English – Romantic comedy starring Parker Posey about a woman who is down on love after many a bad relationship and trouble in her professional career. She then meets a man from France and things may be looking up, if she makes the right choices.
  • White Palms – Drama about a Hungarian gymnast who goes to Canada to train and meets another athlete there.
  • You Kill Me – Crime comedy of the black variety about a drunken hit man that has been sent to San Francisco by his bosses to dry out because he has been making to many mistakes. While there he gets a job in a mortuary where he meets an interesting woman that seems to lack much in the way of boundaries. Stars Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, Philip Baker Hall and Dennis Farina.

For New Movie Friday there are three new movies opening at a theater near me on Friday. They are 1408, A Mighty Heart and Evan Almighty. What new movie will you be heading out to see this weekend?

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