What New Movies Come Out Friday, March 30th?

There are 10 movies coming out around the country on Friday, March 30th. Only two are in wide release, Blades of Glory and Meet the Robinsons. The other eight are in limited release and may or may not be in a theater near you. So, what are these new movies that hit theaters this week?

Nationwide Movie Releases for March 30th:

Movie: Blades of Glory (PG-13) (Read Review)
Starring: Well Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Way back in 2002, two of the best figure skaters in the world get stripped of their medals after a fight on the ice. Yet now, they have found a loophole in the rulebook that will let them compete as a pair. Can they put aside their differences and go for the gold once again?
First Thoughts: Will Ferrell is usually pretty funny. He was one of my favorite Saturday Night Liver cast members. Him as an Olympic level skater does sound funny, but will it go for the gold like Anchorman or fall face first on the ice like Bewitched.

Movie: Meet the Robinsons (G)
Starring: Angela Bassett, Laurie Metcalf, Tom Selleck and Harland Williams
Genre: Family Animated Adventure
Synopsis: An orphan named Lewis has always wanted to be part of a family. While looking for his, he takes an unexpected journey. A strange man named Wilbur Robinson takes him into the future where everything seems to be possible. While there he meets some wacky characters and a family that he could have never imagined himself, The Robinsons. They help him along this funny new adventure with genuine results. The movie is based on the book, A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce.
First Thoughts: Animated features are not my first choice for big screen viewing, although I did like The Incredibles. This movie is also available in Disney 3-D in some theaters around the country.

New Movies in Limited Release:

Movie: The Lookout (R)
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels and Carla Gugino
Genre: Drama Suspense
Synopsis: A young man who once had it all. He was a promising athlete in high school with many avenues about to be open for him when everything changes. He is involved in a tragic accident that turns his normal life upside-down. Now the best he can do is take a job sweeping the floors of the local bank because of his faulty memory after the accident. After meeting an old high school classmate, he ends up in the middle of a plan to rob the bank.
First Thoughts: Sounds interesting and it has Carla Gugino in it, which is always a good thing.

Movie: Peaceful Warrior (PG-13)
Starring: Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte and Amy Smart
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A gifted athlete wants to succeed so badly that it is the driving force behind everything he sets out to do. One night he meets a mysterious man at a convenience store and his eyes are opened to a new way of looking at things. While following the teaching of this mysterious fellow, his life starts to unravel and he must learn and continue to sacrifice to truly understand and get back to where he wants to be. Based on the book by Dan Millman.
First Thoughts: It is another interesting sounding movie with another athlete and another accident that changes things.

Other limited releases coming out this week:

  • After the Wedding – A drama about a man with a dilemma and what he does while trying to save the orphanage he works at in India.
  • G.I. Jesus – Is the story of an illegal who joins the U.S. military and when he comes home finds that the family he left has been changed by the consumer culture of the U.S.
  • Live Free or Die – No this is not the next Die Hard movie, although similar title. It is a comedy about a clueless criminal and an unstable cop.
  • Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience – In this documentary, actors such as Robert Duvall, Beau Bridges and Blair Underwood do dramatic readings of letters, poetry and other writing from soldiers in Iraq.
  • Race You to the Bottom – The romance story of a couple who confront the realities of their dual relationships while visiting wine country.
  • Rescue Dawn – Christian Bale and Steve Zahn as POWs in the Vietnam War and their struggle while trying to escape.

This week, according to Fandango, New Movie Friday has four movies to choose from at a theater near me. They are Blades of Glory, Meet the Robinsons, The Lookout and Peaceful Warrior. What movie should be seen? Do any of these movies interest you? Which movies opening this Friday will get you out to the theater this weekend?

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