What New Movies Come Out on Friday, July 20th?

Nice to be back to movies opening on Friday again, as this week there are five new movies being released. Two open wide and three are in limited release.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, July 20th:

Movie: Hairspray (PG)
Starring: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Nikki Blonsky, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden & Queen Latifah
Genre: Musical
Synopsis: It is the 1960s and a Baltimore teen who loves to dance tries out for a spot on “The Corny Collins Show” and gets it. Once there, she becomes an overnight sensation and people start to follow her lead in dance and fashion. Maybe this newfound celebrity could be used to bring down the reigning dance queen of the show and racially integrate it. It is based on the 1988 film and the Broadway musical it inspired.
First Thoughts: This seems like one of those, you got to see it, to understand what it is that people like about it. Because, from the trailers and commercials, it just looks dumb.

Movie: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (PG-13) (Read Review)
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James & Jessica Biel
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A firefighter who has lost his wife finds out that his children would not receive his pension if something happened to him on the job. To get around this he needs to be married, but with no prospects, he asks his buddy to be his domestic partner. In doing so, they inadvertently become from page news. This leads to some outrageous situations where they must try to keep the façade up, especially when a government worker starts to become suspicious of what their relationship actually is.
First Thoughts: Could be funny. Could devolve into a giant pile of stereotypical joke retreads that aren’t very funny. Sounds right up Adam Sandler’s alley though.

Movies in Limited Release this Friday:

  • Cashback – A man who has recently had his girlfriend break up with him develops insomnia. He decides that he should get a job and be paid for these extra hours he now has. Quirky drama ensues.
  • Goya’s Ghost – Biographical drama set during the Spanish Inquisition with Natalie Portman playing the muse of artist Francisco Goya.
  • Sunshine – Sci-fi drama set fifty years in the future where the sun is starting to die out. A team set out in a spaceship with a device that is supposed to pump up the juice of the fading star.

The movie Introducing the Dwights continues to expand to more theaters this week.

For New Movie Friday there are four new movies at a theater near me this week. They are Hairspray, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Cashback and Goya’s Ghost. What new movie will you be heading out to see this week?

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