What New Movies Come Out Friday, May 9th?

This week, there are three new movies hitting the big screen. Two are opening everywhere and one is in limited release.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, May 9th:

Movie: Speed Racer (PG) (Read Review)
Starring: Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon & John Goodman
Genre: Adventure
Synopsis: Speed was born to race, as his family has always been in the business of racecars. He has become the hottest thing on four wheels. He gets a big offer from a mega corporation, but turns it down and then finds that powerful people behind the scenes are fixing races to make more money. So, he sets out to win a cross-country race and beat these people at their own game.
First Thoughts: Admittedly, this looked really stupid when they first began showing the ads and trailers. But, more recently, I saw a trailer that showed that this might actually have a story behind all the CGI special f/x. It is from the Wachowski brothers, so it looks like it will be getting my five bucks this week. It is also being released on IMAX.

Movie: What Happens in Vegas (PG-13)
Starring: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Rob Corddry, Lake Bell, Treat Williams, Dennis Farina, Jason Sudeikis & Dennis Miller
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Synopsis: Two people meet in Vegas and after a night of drunken partying they wake up married. One of them wins a huge jackpot and then stays together to get at the money, even though they hate each other. But, they start to fall for each other.
First Thoughts: Kutcher at the kitchen sink in the trailer made me laugh, but that was about it. Will probably see it down the road some day when it hits the likes of HBO or Showtime.

Movies in Limited Release:

  • Noise – Tim Robbins, Bridget Moynahan and William Hurt star in this black comedy about an angry New Yorker who starts a one-man campaign against car alarms and it leads him to a showdown with the mayor.

For New Movie Friday there are two new movies to choose from this week. They are Speed Racer and What Happens in Vegas. What new movie looks good to you this week?

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