What I’m Watching

The three nationwide releases, Gracie, Knocked Up and Mr. Brooks, plus the limited release film Rise: Blood Hunter are what films are at a theater near me this weekend. Those are the four movies to choose from for my Friday viewing experience. I think that Mr. Brooks will get the Friday pick. I am a [...]

The Summer of the Third Sequel Continues

To start May off it was Spider-Man 3. Then came Shrek the Third last week. Now, it is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the third in the Pirates franchise. I hope that it is better than the second one. I don’t know if I missed something, didn’t remember something from the first one, [...]

There isn’t a whole lot of choice in the matter. If I am to continue down the path of watching at least one new movie each Friday, Shrek the Third is the only game in town. Nothing else is being released nationwide and all the limited release flicks are not playing anywhere near me. This [...]

Georgia Rules the Weekend

Well, not really. Spider-Man 3 will once again rule the weekend box office. But, I saw that last week and need to choose something else to go see this Friday. Last weekend was the first big blockbuster weekend of the summer season. I guess they needed a breather before really getting into the summer blockbuster [...]

My Spidey Senses Are Already Tingling

How about you? Are you ready for Spider-Man 3 and the kickoff of the summer movie season? I am. This is the movie that New Movie Friday will be taking in tomorrow. I already have my ticket in my hot little hand, thanks to Fandango. How much do you think it will take in on [...]

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