What I’m Watching

How Do You Choose Between Hannibal and Norbit?

How do you choose between two movies that you don’t particularly want to see right now? Both Hannibal Rising and Norbit look like movies I will watch at some point, like when they reach HBO. I will watch Hannibal Rising so I can say I have seen all four of the Hannibal movies, not including [...]

So, I will. That is, go see Because I Said So. It is February, which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. That means that romantic comedies are in the air. There are five of them including last week’s Catch and Release coming out by Valentine’s Day. The rest are this week’s Because I Said So, [...]

So, What New Release Will I Catch This Week?

There are five movies for me to choose from this week, none of which I would normally go see. At least there is some choice this week, after having none last week. For me going to the theater has mostly meant seeing the big action movies on the big screen. Few other movies would motivate [...]

One is the Loneliest Number for this Movie Watcher

Why? Because The Hitcher is all alone this weekend, it is the only new movie hitting the box office this Friday. I like a good suspense thriller, not that this is one. But, when you throw in the horror aspect, it just leaves me cold. I have never been a big fan of the horror [...]

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