What I’m Watching

What is Next for New Movie Friday?

I have the ability to see into the future. I will be sitting in a theater seat tomorrow watching Next with Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel while eating some Swedish Fish. Unfortunately, that is as far as I can see. If only I could see far enough into the future to know whether when the [...]

Fracture Filled With Hot Fuzz This Friday

There are three movies coming out this Friday that I am interested in seeing. They are Fracture, Hot Fuzz and In the Land of Women. I think I will leave the Vacancy unfilled. I tried to use In the Land of Women in the title of this post, but however many permutations I tried along [...]

This is quite the weekend for the suspense thriller, as Disturbia, Perfect Stranger and Slow Burn all hit your local cinemaplex. We have the up and comer cast of Distubia vs. the been there done that really well cast of Perfect Stranger with the some of us have been there, but not all of us [...]

House of the Grind to be Visited This Friday

Five movies came out that are at a theater near me, but only two start on Friday. The Hoax and Grindhouse were really the only choices. Going to see Ice Cube get whacked and smacked and fall through things or a stunt dog save the day, is not my idea of big screen entertainment. For [...]

On The Lookout for Blades of Glory

That is right, Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell and Jon Heder will be this Friday’s pick. None of the movies opening this weekend would normally get me to a theater to see them. These types of movies usually don’t get watched until that little red envelope from Netflix arrives or about this time next [...]

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