What New Movies Start Friday, May 8th, 2009?

There are seven movies opening this week. One is opening everywhere and six more open on a limited basis.

Opening Nationwide on Friday, May 8th:

Movie: Star Trek (PG-13)
Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Bruce Greenwood & Karl Urban
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure
Synopsis: A new vision on the origins of the Enterprise crew and their adventures boldly going where no one has gone before.
First Thoughts: I’ve never been a huge Star Trek fan. I’ve seen some of the original TV series and I think all of the movies. I never watched Deep Space Nine or Enterprise, but really liked The Next Generation and Voyager. What I am a fan of is big blockbuster summer movies, and while the summer movie season has been extended into late spring as of late, this one surely looks to fit the bill. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, but have tried to keep from being overwhelmed by the inevitable hype that surrounds it. It’s from J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, TV’s Alias, Lost & Fringe), so I believe it has the potential to be really great. Also, it will be available in IMAX for two weeks.

Movies in Limited Release:

  • Julia – The story of a middle-aged woman out of control. She does whatever to get by, until she goes to far and she must make a desperate choice between sacrifice and redemption.
  • Little Ashes – The story of Salvador Dali as he entered university at the age of 18 and the people he met there.
  • Love N’ Dancing – A romantic drama that looks to be pretty much what you’d expect from the title.
  • Outrage – Documentary about politicians who go against the LGBT community, but are secretly apart of it.
  • Powder Blue – Looks like a Crash style story, as four strangers in Los Angeles have their lives intersect through extraordinary circumstances.
  • Rudo y Cursi – The story of two brothers barely getting by as day laborers in rural Mexico that are seen by a scout playing soccer in out in the field and get signed to rival teams.

For New Movie Friday there is one new movie to choose from this week. It is Star Trek. What new movie looks good to you this week?

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